What is all the hype around microblading about?

Could you imagine waking up every morning without having to spend 30 minutes for perfectly symmetrical, natural looking eye brows? Microblading seems to be the new trend these days among many Youtube influencers and celebrities. Microblading is a type of permanent makeup which means you’d essentially be getting microblading near me. However, before you get scared, they say “permanent” but because the technique utilizes pigment instead of ink, it will fade over time. The idea of having permanent eyebrows is hard to wrap your head around, but the specialized technicians create realistic hair like strokes between each real eyebrow hair. This creates a very full and defined eyebrow. This not only saves you so much time every morning during your beauty routine, but also saves you the stress from having to create symmetrical eyebrows. Personally, having steady hands to create the perfect brow in the morning is close to impossible for me. They always say eyebrows are sisters not twins but still, it’d be nice to wake up every morning with symmetrical, full brows. Even just having eyebrows filled out and light BB cream, gives your face a livelier look. The greatest part of microblading is that it looks natural! It doesn’t look like you overfilled your brows and you can avoid looking like that scary person with the overly arched brows. I would definitely do thorough research before making an appointment and committing to getting permanent makeup done. There are so many microblading studios in Houston, TX and finding the perfect one may be stressful. That is why looking through their portfolio and their past clients is important! This will be a big commitment not only because it is semi-permanent but also because the price point for this service is fairly high. So it may require some more planning and saving.

After finding the perfect technician who you can trust to create your perfect eyebrows, you should definitely give them a call and schedule an appointment online or over the phone. After scheduling the appointment during a day and time that works for you and your technician, you should make sure that you can cover the cost. Typically, the service will cost anywhere from $300.00-$700.00 and will take anywhere from 90-120 minutes.

Now, microblading is only one type of permanent makeup. These days, most technicians can also do eyeliner, beauty marks, eyebrows, and EVEN blush! Like, what? How? Sign me up?! I completely get it, just the idea of not having to apply makeup every morning is tempting me. I would wake up with a natural look of makeup that required zero effort whatsoever. This would save so much time and money. I know I’m not alone when I say that a trip to Sephora or ulta cost me a good paycheck. Even just for the essentials! I would definitely recommend this to my friends who just want that extra self confidence in the way they look. While many were blessed with a full set of brows, many were not. I, myself, have very light and sparse eyebrows that are hard to see without filling them in. More than anything, I enjoy putting on makeup because it allows me the confidence to be myself without becoming self conscious about what people may think of how I look. I believe microblading will help a lot of women save time, effort, money, and a lot of stress!